The Dreamers by Fancy



This is by the same artist as the Neon Zebra, and as I understand, they are both t-shirt designs. This is a different style, but it still has the play with negative and positive space, as the positive space is created by the colorful outlines and in a lot of places it blends into the background. This is such a fun, whimsical piece, and definitely allows your imagination to wander and create a story for the scene. I love the lazy days take it has too, yet the world appears to be flying, just like a dream. The color scheme is great too, there’s something very relaxing about it.

As far as creating this same look, I can guess that it just took a lot of patience with photoshop or illustrator (or both). Parts of it were probably drawn as a vector in illustrator, then masked out and colored and edited in photoshop. Overall, it’s a really pretty piece.

Flower Design by Ella Tjader

red-flower- ella tjader

I found this design on pinterest (always the best place to get inspired) and it really stood out to me. I love how it looks like a traditional botanical illustration many people do for science or a nature study, but at the same time its very obviously done on the computer. It’s like taking a traditional commonly done idea and reviving it and making it new. And I don’t think it would be that hard to do on illustrator either, if you’re proficient with the pen tool and gradients. If I were to go about illustrating something like this, I would start with scanned in hand-drawn art work and use the pen tool to trace the line and create the sections and strokes seen here. I’d vary their stroke width to give the piece some rhythm and depth and then fill in the shapes using gradients, changing the angle and intensity of the gradients to achieve a more natural looking color.


Vector Doodle by Jess Volinski

doodle flowers

This is a simple vector doodle I found by the illustrator Jess Volinski on her website. I love how the design looks almost as it was hand drawn, but if you look closely, you can see how many of the elements have been repeated, most likely copied and pasted then transformed and rotated to add variation. This is a great example of how you can create a complex design by simply repeating a few key elements and details. The best part about working in Illustrator on designs like this is that you can save different design elements like flower centers, leaves, circles, swirls, stems, etc. and create more designs later with the same elements.