Infinity Motivation


This is a cool poster from the website which posts all types of inspirational works for almost every field of art and design. I love how fun this is, and how simple the design is..yet it’s so effective. I really like the color scheme too. If I were to recreate this, every element on it would be relatively straight forward, except perhaps the mobius sign at the top. In order to create that, I would start in illustrator and use modified circles to create the outside path, then duplicate them and adjust their size to cut out the center. I personally love coloring, so I would probably import the design into photoshop, and then manually color it there. You could also color it in illustrator by using a gradient mesh, and then adding the shine and shadow effects on top by creating new shapes with the pen tool.


Flying Selection Kitty


This wonderful masterpiece was a product of photoshop and a few simple selections, layers, and masks. I took a page from the book of one of my earlier posts about creating a kitschy 80’s poster to create this glorious flying kitty. I started out with a photo of a cat, selected it using a quick mask, and refined the edge to get as good of a selection as possible. I then found a picture of a hawk, and cut out the wings. I placed them on the kitty and used the transform tool to size them and rotate them appropriately. I then used a mask to blend in the feathers from the wings with the fur from the cat. Finally, I placed an adjustment layer on the wings to make them the same color scheme as the fur. Once I finished the kitty, I placed him on a colorful pink sunset field background. I found a picture of a nebula and used a mask to carefully overlay that in the sky, then covered the areas like the tress and field with the mask so there wouldn’t be stars in inappropriate places. After all of this I used adjustment layers like curves, hue/saturation, and brightness/contrast to get the lighting you see. It didn’t take that long and was fun to do!

Throughout The Storm You Keep Me Warm


This is another work I found on pinterest and seriously I want to get it printed and framed for my room I like it so much. It’s has a perfect balance of detail and simplicity and I love the demonstration of typography (even if it was hand done). I might just have to create one for myself…and this is how I’d do it:

I’d start by drawing up a design and creating my letters with pencil and paper. Once I am happy with my initial design, I’d scan it into the computer and fire up illustrator. I’d trace the letters (oh so carefully) with the pen tool, or might even fine a like font, create outlines, and use the select tool to drag their points around so I get a letter like the one I drew. Once I created all the letters, I’d create additional ornamentation like the swirls under the word “storm” using the pen tool. Once I got the vector just like I liked it (arranging elements and what not to create the most appealing design possible), I’d import it into photoshop to create the final piece. To make the background, I’d download some paintbrush-textured photoshop brushes. I’d put a gradient of my choice (it looks like they used a light blue to a red) and put it on the lowest layer. I’d put another layer on top and fill it with dark blue and then mask it and use the brushes I downloaded to create the scratchy worn effect. Finally, I’d import my illustrator file and put it on top, change the colors to find the best match and pat myself on the back for all the hard work.