CATastropic End to the Milky Way

CATastropic End to the Milky Way

I looove this piece (which actually turns out to be a t-shirt available on…might just have to order one for myself) because it has two of my favorite things…outer space and cats! Which is definitely a marriage made in … Continue reading

Graph Practice


This was the practice we did to learn using the graph tool in Illustrator. We used symbols to replace the bars, as shown by the tiki man and the martini glasses. We also learned how to edit each pieces color individually, as showing by the pie and bar graph on the bottom. We used guides to slice the bases of the tiki and martini glasses to create a sliding symbol. Overall, it’s a really useful function!

Valentine Town



This was the practice we did with the perspective grid tool in illustrator. We used the tool to create the rectangle tool to draw the different sides of the shapes on a plain skewed to represent 2 point perspective. It wasn’t too difficult, as the tool keeps you on track. I made each side the shade appropriate to give the illusion of dimension, then I added gradients to the sky and road and a sun on the horizon to finish off the scene.

The Dreamers by Fancy



This is by the same artist as the Neon Zebra, and as I understand, they are both t-shirt designs. This is a different style, but it still has the play with negative and positive space, as the positive space is created by the colorful outlines and in a lot of places it blends into the background. This is such a fun, whimsical piece, and definitely allows your imagination to wander and create a story for the scene. I love the lazy days take it has too, yet the world appears to be flying, just like a dream. The color scheme is great too, there’s something very relaxing about it.

As far as creating this same look, I can guess that it just took a lot of patience with photoshop or illustrator (or both). Parts of it were probably drawn as a vector in illustrator, then masked out and colored and edited in photoshop. Overall, it’s a really pretty piece.

Neon Zebra by Fancy



I found this while browsing the internet and it really caught my attention. I love using animals as the subject for art (which is something readers can gather from my blog posts I’m sure) and I’m definitely a color girl…especially neon colors. I love their energy. So this piece is really neat because it almost looks as if the zebra was spray painted as graffiti on some night club wall. I especially love how the black sections of the animals fur actually becomes the background, so the only actual positive space in the bright colors. It’s a really good way to keep the piece from becoming to busy when using that many bright colors.

Actually creating this look would probably be a bit of headache, as I imagine it would require a number of hours tracing with the pen tool in Illustrator, then adding paint splatters and uniting them with the drawn paths to create the dripping paint effect. Not incredibly difficult in theory, but still a lot of work. It’s a great piece though, really fun to look at, and I could imagine a number of uses it could have.

Milky Way


This is a cool type/paint idea that I found on Abduzeedo’s daily inspiration that I really want to try out. The artist said: “This was an Idea I drew up late one night. It started as just a really quick sketch, and then I thought I would redraw it and put some 3D type effects on it to make it look almost liquid. I just used the 3D effects in photoshop and then a few simple bevel an shadow layers. Nothing tricky at all. Im thinking Im going to have to learn 3D!” which shows you just how powerful and fun photoshop can be. It also demonstrates how just playing around with new tools can create very interesting works. I love how interesting this is, and you could create a whole lot with this technique!