If you’re anything like me, you’d have wished you’d paid more attention in geometry class in high school after seeing this poster. It’s so fun but comprised of only a few simple elements, and has the sort of catchiness to it that makes you wonder “why didn’t I think of that?” In fact, if you look closely, it looks to be nothing more than a triangle grid laid over 2 rectangle grids. Each one is a different angle though, and placed where they are placed, they create this beautiful symmetry and division that, when filled with color, pops out of the page. The color scheme plays a huge role too, the value and hues of the colors go together really well, not being to bright or changing that it’s harsh on the eye but still having enough variance that the piece is interesting. Simple designs like this really blow my mind because accomplishing something so appealing without overloading the viewer with detail or relying on pure technical skill to wow the viewer. In fact, this truly demonstrates the artists design prowess, using simple shapes to create an appealing work. This is definitely worth remembering while in the brainstorming process.