Flying Selection Kitty


This wonderful masterpiece was a product of photoshop and a few simple selections, layers, and masks. I took a page from the book of one of my earlier posts about creating a kitschy 80’s poster to create this glorious flying kitty. I started out with a photo of a cat, selected it using a quick mask, and refined the edge to get as good of a selection as possible. I then found a picture of a hawk, and cut out the wings. I placed them on the kitty and used the transform tool to size them and rotate them appropriately. I then used a mask to blend in the feathers from the wings with the fur from the cat. Finally, I placed an adjustment layer on the wings to make them the same color scheme as the fur. Once I finished the kitty, I placed him on a colorful pink sunset field background. I found a picture of a nebula and used a mask to carefully overlay that in the sky, then covered the areas like the tress and field with the mask so there wouldn’t be stars in inappropriate places. After all of this I used adjustment layers like curves, hue/saturation, and brightness/contrast to get the lighting you see. It didn’t take that long and was fun to do!

Kitsch Me If You Can Case Study by Falcon White

This is a rather hilarious case study of a kitschy faux 80’s poster I found that actually demonstrates great photo shop skill and good step by step instruction on creating a good photo manipulation product. You can see the full process here.


He starts with a few basic stock images and selects and masks to get a pretty seamless scene. He then adds some more elements and uses adjustments to even out the coloration.


After this, he edits the colors and adds a few more elements to maximize the kitschy-ness.


Finally, he uses the reduce noise filter to smooth the overall look.