This is yet another cool geometric themed poster I found (apparently I really love my geometry.)  Again, as with many of the minimalist-like posters, creating this piece would be so simple, yet its the simplicity of the design and knowing how to balance that with the overall space to create something that’s visually appealing and interesting is the art of this kind of style. Really to make it, all you would have to do would be to create numerous triangles of all different shapes and sizes and fill each one with it’s own color and low opacity. Vary their orientations slightly, and create a few more small triangles to fill the negative space and you’re good to go. They also added this nice background that also uses the space nicely, as it’s a soft gradient outwardly radiating towards the edges (to keep your eye on the the page.) The font is greatly appropriate too, and really sums up the overall design, bringing it all together. It’s a cool piece, and you could imagine it hanging in some hipster record store, or as the actual album artwork of one of the records in the store.


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