Tea Party Invite


This is a really cute invitation idea I found etsy. I love when invites are irregularly shaped because it makes them stay in your mind much better than the traditional rectangle. This is not just irregular but themed, so the idea of what the party is is very clear, as well as memorable. The color scheme is very nice too, and also alludes to the mood the tea party gives. I love the font they used for the actual invite too, as it has a sort of vintage feel. And of course the addition of the tea bag connected by a ribbon coming out of the cup is so clever, and really brings the whole invitation to the next level. If I were to do this on InDesign, I would upload the teacup shape into the document using the “place” option so I could organize my text accordingly. Besides that however, I love how simple and easy, yet cute and fun this invitation is! Really nice design.


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