Little Things Make Big Things Happen



This was a really cool poster I found that really says a lot to me. I think people often underestimate the power of human engineering, and what can be accomplished when we literally “shoot for the stars.” To create this look, I would start with a gradient in the background, and then overlay it with a pre-made cube pattern, or something similar. I would then take a photo of the subject, and astronaut in this case, and convert it to grey scale, and then convert that to a brush in photoshop. I would use the brush like a stamp, and stamp the image onto it’s own layer, and then use the mask tool to mask out some of the higher detail areas. I’d then overlay that layer with another gradient. Finally, I’d create the text on top of the image, then duplicate it, and change the fill on the duplicate to be transparent and the stroke to black. I’d delete a few of the edges and off set the duplicate text to create the outline-shadow effect they have here.


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