Gender Reval Party Invite


This was a really really cool invitation I saw on Etsy for a gender reveal party. I love anything with cool typography, and this takes the cake in that department. Using a number of fonts to create a balanced, pretty design is actually pretty hard, as there are a lot of features of each individual font that you have to mix and match with other fonts to create a desirable balance. Here, it appears the design wanted to create a chalkboard effect, so made most of the text in white or pastel pink and blue, and placed it on a hazy black and grey background (that appears to have some sort of texture on it in order to give it that chalk board effect.) I’m assuming they did the rest in InDesign, adding word boxes and phrases in different fonts and adjusting the kearning and ledding in order to create a visually appealing design. I love seeing things like this because it really inspires me to do something similar with typography!


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