In Through And Beyond Poster


This is another word poster I found on the Rawz webpage, and appears to be related (probably created by the same artist) to one of the posters I posted earlier called Feel Infinite Elation. As it was there, this poster appears to have an original typeface (which I just love.) However, it appears that the style the artist chose to go is different. Instead of layering the text with lines and shapes with gradients on them, this appears to actually be rendered in 3-D by some sort of 3-D program, possibly photoshop. Although I’m not entirely familiar with photoshop’s 3-D features, if they work anything like there other features and have layers, I could imagine creating a wire frame version of the text and then layering it on top of the solid version and masking out parts to create the effect it has. Place that on top of a green layer with a black radial gradient on the edges, and you have a completed artwork. That simple!


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