Geometry Scene


I found this browsing the Rawz page and saved it, but I couldn’t find it again to figure out where it came from. However, I think it’s a really cool piece that was either done using some 3-d program, or by hand (it would be way cool if done by the latter.) If you were to do it by hand, I could imagine starting with some linework marking out the different geometric shapes. If you had a good feel for what colors could go where, you could immediately start painting by using the polygonal lasso tool in photoshop to select the various shapes and fill them with color (using the selection tool would ensure crisp, clean lines.) If not, I would maybe make a gradient of the colors I planned on using, in this case yellow and blue, and fill a circle with a the gradient on a new layer, then lower the opacity so you could use it as a guide. Besides this, there wouldn’t be much else required, besides maybe filling the background with some sort of star field made out of a noise filter!


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