Feel Infinite Elation


This is another cool type poster I found while browsing the internet, and just keeping with my apparent theme of posting brightly colored type posters, this one is neon pink and orange! This is a cool poster, and one of the things that really sticks out at me about it is the originality behind the actual typeface itself. It’s one thing to apply and manipulate effects on a pre-existing font, it’s a whole new level to create your own lettering. That being said, I don’t actually think this look would be very challenging to recreate, especially if you’re adept at illustrator and gradients. To me, it seems the artist laid out their initial artwork, colored it one basic color, and then used illustrators shape tools to cover it up with different lines, grids, and rectangles, putting various pink, orange, and white gradients on these shapes, and changing their opacities. Once this was finished, they most likely used a perspective or warp tool either in illustrator of photoshop to give it the “zooming” appearance, and motion blur in photoshop to give it that movement.


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