Digital Rendering


This was a really cool piece I found on Rawz that appeared to simply be one artist’s practice with his rendering software…however, to someone like me, I find this extremely cool. I have done some work with 3-d software in highshool (bryce and lightwave anyone?) and I understand a little bit about how it works, but still, coming up with something so pretty with the lighting done so nicely is amazing to me. I love the crystalline appearance, and the soft pastel colors. The addition of the 2-d figures also adds a lot to the composition. I haven’t worked much with photoshop’s 3-d features, but seeing something like this really makes me want to learn more about it, to see if I could create like works (I’ve seen some pretty amazing things done with photoshop’s 3-d features.) At any rate, this is just another example of a cool piece of art, and even if you didn’t have a 3-d program, it might be fun to create something like this “manually” by observing real crystal structures and painting with photoshop. I wouldn’t actually be that difficult if you were skilled observationally and artistically…as far as effects go, the entire piece could be created using the shape and lasso tools and a paint brush. I think that in and of itself might be fun to try!


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