This was a really cool piece that I found on’s Rawz page (which is basically a hub for inspiration of all kinds.) It seems to have been done by a polish web design studio by the name of “upstrakt” ( It immediately caught my attention over all of the other works on the page mostly because of the sheer beauty and simplicity of it. I’m a sucker for anything shiny or glowing too, so the faint glow effect against the cool white background of course caught my eye. I looked closely at it however, and one of the best part’s of it is that it appears to be nothing more than well placed shapes and gradients (actually achievable in illustrator, no fancy painting folks!) Although, I would guess that the little swirly and glowy bits were done in photoshop or the like. It really is a cool piece however, and I love that it allows your imagination to run wild on picturing what it might be. Truly a pretty design.


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