CATastropic End to the Milky Way


I looove this piece (which actually turns out to be a t-shirt available on…might just have to order one for myself) because it has two of my favorite things…outer space and cats! Which is definitely a marriage made in heaven. I love a little humor in works (or t-shirts in this case) but what’s neat about this is that it was done with a lot of beauty and artistic ability too. It would have been easy to make a funny cartoon out of this idea, but since there are so many shirts and designs like that out there on the internet, this is really cool because of that originality. The artists really used their negative space well too, creating both positive and negative forms out of the galaxy and cat silhouettes. As far as the technical aspects of the piece go, it appears they either edited an existing photo of the milky way by overlaying colors or saturating the existing colors, or completely engineering a new galaxy (although the latter would be tedious when pictures taken by NASA are free to the public for use.) The cat appears to simply be a vector with parts of the existing picture overlayed on top. Not too much work (although I could be mistaken), but a beautiful piece.


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