Another Awesome Poster


This is a cool poster I found on some blog although I can’t remember which one it was. I think I found it through a pinterest pin though, as I find many interesting art blogs and pages that way. I really like the design of this poster though. It’s minimalistic, but really really cute. The quote in the middle is obviously the focal point, but in order to balance it out within the rectangular field of a poster, the  artist incorporated the small fish as elements to balance out the composition as a whole. Additionally, the fish are balanced and harmonious within themselves. Even though there is an even number of fishes as a whole, the artist makes odd numbers (which tend to be more visually appealing) stand out by grouping three fishes and moving one fish by itself. They also balance it by having three fishes be roughly the same size, with one larger one by itself. It’s monochromatic, only incorporating the one blue with a small amount of black and a lot of white, which keeps the design simple enough and the message clear. The typography is great too, as it’s balanced, varying the thick and thin font and the size and kerning. It’s a great design as a whole.


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