We Are Stardust Type


This is another cool type poster I found on the user submission section of abduzeedo. I think this is especially neat, and I can only imagine the amount of work that went into creating it. I suppose they must’ve sketched out the idea, and then used anything from the pen tool and manually created the letters, or used the 3d function in photoshop. The background was probably done in photoshop, and most likely consisted of uploading a picture of the Earth or creating one using objects, lens flare, and gradients, or some combination. The stars could easily be done with a paint brush, and the shapes could be made in a different document using the shape tool, and then imported in and placed on a layer with a low opacity. For the type, I could picture someone creating a sketch and then using various tools such as the pen tool to create it, but again, they might have used the 3d function on photoshop. Overall it’s a really awesome piece though!


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