Snowboard California Layout


This is a spread we did in class to learn how to use Adobe InDesign. I’ve never really used it before but I’m finding that it isn’t *too* difficult. To do this, we started with a black document and using rulers as guides, created the colored boxes at the bottom of the page and added page numbers using the insert special character command on the master pages. We also added to title of the made up publication. We then added the photos, starting with the far right photo. We used a clipping path and copied the photo twice in order to have the guy’s hand overlap without the background. We imported the other two pictures, and resized, rotated, and added drop shadows to them so that they looked nicer. Next, we created all the different text boxes, including the text boxes on the side bars. We imported some text using the file>place command, and carried it over to the various boxes by clicking the plus sign. Next, we colored the side bars using a gradient and added drop shadow. Finally, we used character styles to change the title of the publication, the subheadings, and the body text so that it was all equal and looked correctly sized. And that was it!


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