Do More Of What Makes You Awesome Poster


I really like this poster I found on a design blog. It’s simple yet visually appealing, and the text is really well balanced against the background. It would be really fun to make a series of posters like this, with different quotes on similar backgrounds in various hues (maybe in a orange to pinkish hue rather thank the blue to yellow hue here.) Making the posters would be very easy to do in photoshop too. You would start by finding a suitable photo for the background, then you could edit the photo by adjusting the hues. To do this, you might create a layer on top of the background, fill it with a light color (if I were to do orange to pink, I would fill it with a light peach), and set the layer to multiply. Or you could fill the layer with a gradient, to get a more ombre effect. I might go in and adjust the curves some too, changing ever so slightly the curve balance of the highlights on the red and green channels so that the highlights had an orangey hue. I might tweek the contrast too, just to get as dramatic an effect as possible. For the text, you could simply add a layer mask to the text layer and use a grungey, textured brush to mask out some areas to give it that print-making effect. And that’s it! Very simple.


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