Out Of This World Text Effect


This was an exercise we did as a follow up to our previous “Earth Exercise”. We were to create word art using photographs, selections and effects, much like we did in the Earth exercise. I chose various nebula and star field photographs to create an outer space themed piece. I first typed up the words and used warp to move them around, giving them a floating, cloud-like feel. I then selected them, and then used the mask selection feature to select some clouds following one of the pictures of the nebula as a guide. Once I selected all of this, I refined my selection so that it was nice and soft. I then cut out the selection from the nebula photograph. Next I used layer styles to give the text some dimension, using the bevel and emboss styles as well as a light drop shadow. Once I got the amount of dimension I wanted, I added another picture of the nebula to the background, then added a layer filled with black underneath. I changed he opacity of the nebula layer to 30% so that the words would stand out. I also brightened the word layer using the adjustments panel to add contrast. I then added some extra features, like drawing in some stars along the edges of the letters and using a cloud filter to add texture. I masked out the edges of the nebula layer too, to give it somewhat of a soft border. Overall it was really fun to do, and only took me about an hour!


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