Earth Exercise


This was an exercise we did on Photoshop to practice making selections, using layer styles, and using the type tool. We started by creating the background by making a radial gradient and then overlaying a grunge paper texture on a new layer with a low opacity. We then uploaded a picture of grass and using the type tool, typed the word earth. We created a selection of the type, and then using the addition lasso, we added blades of grass to the selection. Once we had all of the letters and grass selected, we clipped the background so that only the letters were filled with the words. We duplicated the layer, then added layer styles to create the 3-d effect. Finally, we created the shadow by duplicating the words and making them black, and the using a motion blur to create the shadow. Overall, it wasn’t too difficult and it creates a great effect that you could apply to anything from hair and fur to landscapes!


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