Cheetah Fabric


I found this off a cool website (which I can’t remember right now) that had fabrics you can order from a number of really great companies and artists. I really like the design of this, it has a great color scheme and the subject matter is more interesting than it would be if it simply depicted a floral pattern. It looks like it may have been done by hand, at least initially, but to create the fabric, scanning it into the computer and making an image that way would have made the whole process much simpler, so I can’t help but think that is what they have done. If I were to do this, I would scan a hand-drawn image in and trace it with the pen tool. I’d create shapes using the various geometric tools to make the flowers and fill them and leave the stroke off to create the look they have here. I’d play around with the different design elements and find the most visibly pleasing configuration possible and then call it a day!


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