Wall-E Minimalism Poster

walle copy

Yet another cool thing I found on pinterest (seriously if you don’t have one, get one. There’s so much interesting stuff to look at) and I know this is part of a trend that graphic designers on the web create minimalist posters of famous movies. For some reason, Pixar movies are a big target and I’ve seen probably 10 different wall-e posters. I like this one the best though, it has a nice balance between being too detailed to be minimalist and still having enough detail to be interesting. I love the silhouette look (apparently so as like a large portion of the art I look at has that element) and  I really love the color scheme. This also wouldn’t be too challenging to do, you could create an outline of wall-e with the pen tool and then cut it from a rectangle using the pathfinder palette. Then add in the star pattern on a rectangle behind it, and draw Eve with the simple shape tools (three ellipses for the body, one for the head and two for the body, one cut out from the other,) and the jet tail also with two stretched ellipses. Add the type and you’re good to go!


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