Dream Design by Jess Volinski


This is another design I found on Jess Volinski’s website that is a good example of layering and using strong vectors. I love this design and I love how the white in the foreground really pops out and is clearly legible, even though the design as a whole is full of different patterns and colors. She appears to have started with a watercolor like background, and then drew vector flowers on top of it. It appears she then put another layer on top comprised of thick, cut-out designs which could have been made by drawing shapes and then subtracting them from a larger black circle using the pathfinder palette. Next, it appears she put a layer filled with black at a really low opacity on top to give it the dim look.The word “dream” looks like it was created separately, either drawn with the pen tool and then layered with another pattern or typed and layered. Over all, the design is very pleasing.


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