“Rising” by Alice X. Xhang

I also found this piece in the inspiration section of abduzeedo.com, and the author of the article found it on DeviantArt.com, which definitely has some really great artwork from all kinds of different artists. This is a digital illustration (or rather a digital painting if you will) done in what appears to be photoshop, and I’m obsessed. I’ve always wanted to be able to paint like this in photoshop, I love the effect it gives the work and the images always seem to turn out beautiful. In this, it looks like she took a hard, angled low opacity brush and just layered and layered and layered strokes until the image reached what she liked. If I were doing this, I might try to put the different colors on different layers so I could fine tune the colors and color scheme to achieve the most desirable look. The hair looks like it’s comprised of strokes from a hard texture brush with multiple ends, and I love the clever mixing of hard textured brushed with the low, soft transparent colors. Overall it makes for a really nice piece.


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