DKNG Black Keys Poster

DKNG Black Keys Poster

I found this (like so many of my other inspiration works) on the inspiration section of the website It’s a concert poster for the Black Keys by the design group DKNG. I absolutely love it. I’m not sure if it’s the retro space feel I get from it (being a kid from the 90’s when space was really popular I really have a soft spot for it) or if its the fact that it’s truly just a really strong design but it’s really really appealing to me. I love the warm colors and strong contrasting shapes. Although this does have a lot of detail, I actually don’t think it would be that technically difficult to do. Personally, I would trace over a photo with the pen tool and create all the different blocks of colors to create the shapes, then change them accordingly to create a more print-like color scheme. I’d draw the desert in shape in the foreground separately, using photos as guides but also taking some ideas from my imagination. I’d then unite all the shapes into one using the unite option on the pathfinder palette, and color it. The type wouldn’t be too difficult either, I’d use the appearance or 3-D options to create the 3-D look, and then gradients or graphic styles to achieve the worn look. Or I might go in on the whole thing and use a mask in photoshop to achieve the worn look all around. This is a great poster and I really want to do something like this in the future.


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