Type Poster

Type Poster

I also found this poster in the inspiration section of abduzeedo.com and I absolutely love the simplicity of it. It’s amazing the effect well placed type can have on an overall design, even with the actual typeface is as simple as this one. The color scheme is great in that it’s soft but still eye catching, and even though there is a plethora of patterns, the like values keep them from clashing. The arrangement of the type too focuses on filling the negative space as efficiently and appealing as possible. The best part about this design is that it really wouldn’t be that difficult to do. I would create the background by using a gradient to add touches of grey to the four corners of an off white rectangle. I would create the letters in Illustrator, to make them easy to arrange and rearrange, and to put on the patterns. So I would start off by using the type tool to create all the letters and then create outlines out of the letters to create shapes out of them. I would then fill them with patterns from the swatches palette, and add gradients in the appearance palette in order to create the shiny glass effect. In order to create the 3-D effect, I would use the 3-D option from the effects menu and adjust it so that the sides were all black and there was no shading. Then I would create a drop shadow on all the letters, and add some shines using a brush to a few of the letters.


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