Totoro Poster

Totoro Poster

I love this poster because it’s so simple yet so iconic. Minimalism has definitely had it’s share of popularity in recent years, and I love seeing it executed so nicely. Here, the artist creates a beautiful painting, complete with bright colors and exaggerated brush strokes, and then frames it with the iconic Totoro silhouette, so that instantly the poster becomes about that shape and that character rather than the painted image in the background. The poster would have been really easy to do (if the designer was not the one who create the background painting…that probably too forever in photoshop!), and would have encompassed nothing more than simply creating a silhouette of Totoro by tracing around the image with a pen tool, and then subtracting that silhouette from a larger soft yellow background in another layer, and then covering the painted background layer with that frame so that only the middle would show through. Simple, yet brilliant.


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