Starry Animals

Starry Animals

This is a work that I found on the inspiration section of the website and I’m obsessed. I love the whimsy of the picture, and it sort of reminds me of star constellations coming to life. I’m sure this was not an easy piece to do but I can imagine the artist using a combination of illustrator and photoshop to achieve the look. In order to go about mimicing this look, I would start with a dark blue background color. I would then either add gradients via illustrator or using a big fluffy brush in photoshop with a low flow and opacity to lightly add touches of the bright yellow and purple. I would then create the bottom cloud using a thinner brush at a higher opacity to create the denser effect. I would then go over the entire background with a low opacity star-scatter brush to add in the little flecks of light seen in the far background. Next, I would create the golden horizon line using a number of vector lines, or by creating a brush that painted a row of multiple lines with each stroke. For the animals, I would find photos of each one, use live trace to posterize them and create different shapes to make them up, and then bring these into photoshop and use them to create different shapes using a dense scatter brush with different sizes and densities to create the dimensional effect. Then, I would draw little points of light with the brush tool (fluffy brush and white color) and then create a stroke from each one using the pen tool, and either erase the tips with a low opacity eraser or cover it with a color-to-transparent gradient using a the “lock transparent pixels” feature on the layer. Finally, I’d take another smaller scatter brush at a lower opacity and add in some darker yellow stars around the other strokes.


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