Octopus Bath

Octopus Bath

Although I know this is a photo, I would like to pay attention to the vinyl octopus tentacles in the background because I know they could easily be replicated as a vector drawing in Illustrator. I love the arrangement and careful placement of the different bodies, and the use of negative space. Even though the images were probably created in Illustrator or a like program, the artist had to carefully think about how they would look on a wall and fill a large space, especially if they were meant to create an effect in conjunction with a bath tub. In order to go about this, I would create a sketch on paper, scan it in, and draw a horizon line that would be the edge of the tub. Then I would use the pen tool to draw all of the different shapes, and subtract some from the black using the pathfinder minus front option. Once I created the different tentacles, I would arrange and rotate them to find the most appealing design. I love these, and I think it would be really fun to create a host of silhouetted animal vinyl wall pieces.


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