Final Illustration Project: Event Poster

Final Illustration Project: Event Poster

For our final illustration project, we were required to create a poster for an event we liked, or an event we made up. Because I went to Austin City Limits this year, I decided to create a poster based around the music festival. The entire poster was done in illustrator. I started out with a photo of the skyline visible behind one of the main stages. I live traced it using the 3 colors option, and changed the two darkest colors to black and the lightest color to green using the expand, ungroup, and select functions. I then created a black rectangle to fill in the space below it, and to create and area where I could put the music festival type. I created the ACL type by using the type tool and spreading out the letters slightly. I then but a neon green graphic style on in and made the fill black. I created a rectangle for the background and filled it with a dark blue to light blue gradient, and then created the frame by creating a rounded rectangle and adjusting the appearance so that it had a green stroke and a gradient stroke to match the background. Finally, to create the “music festival” text, I typed up the words, spread them out, created outlines to turn them into shapes, and then added two strokes, a white and a black on the inside to create the multiple line effect. I then got onto isolation mode so this appearance would be applied to everything else I drew, and added some rounded rectangles to connect some of the letters. Finally, I merged these shapes with the letters using the pathfinder palette.


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