Putting Text To Work

Putting Text To Work

Because we just learned about the type tool in Illustrator, I’m going to look at this design and see how a person could use illustrator to create to effects shown. Although this *appears* to be done by hand (it’s getting harder and harder to tell these days) the same look can be achieved with illustrator using only a few tools. To start off, particular fonts would have to be used or made, but it seems like the same font is used for “the”, “is full of”, and “our wits”. Like this, the same font appears to have been used for the words “Universe”, “magical things”, and “to grow sharper”. Not much has been done to the word “the”, it was just typed using a small font size. The word “universe” would have to be typed out and then the warp tool under the effects panel could be used to create the puckering effect. Additionally, the word could be duplicated twice, painted yellow and then cut using one of the duplicates to create the shadow effect. The words “magical things” would just have to be rotated, or possible typed along the path it rests on. “Patiently waiting for” is a simple typed sentence, but the leading could be adjusted to get the somewhat stretched out effect. The words “to grow shaper” also would need to be rotated and warped, or typed along a path and then warped. Finally, the pen tool could be used to create all of the swirl designs and ornamentation around the text.


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