Pen Tool Dragon

Pen Tool Dragon

This is an exercise we did to practice using the pen tool and learn how to adeptly use layers and create line art in illustrator. We created the outline of the dragon’s head by tracing a rough path with the pen tool and then using the rounded corner function to smooth out the line. We traced the horns with the pen tool, and then placed the red inside using the draw inside mode. We created the shadow on the tongue by duplicating the bottom line and editing it so that we could create the thick, dark line. Finally, we created the colors on the tongue by again using the draw inside mode


6 thoughts on “Pen Tool Dragon

  1. Cool. I definitely need more practice with the ole pen tool. It’s tricky to get the hang of since it’s really not like anything I’ve ever used before. I like the end result of your dragon. I’ll have to try this sometime.

    • It definitely is but we’re doing lessons from as part of our class and it made it a lot easier to understand! But yeah best thing to do is look up tutorials and play around with it!

      • is actually really cool. I don’t have a subscription but I do want to get one at some point cause it’s relatively cheap. I’ve been using Photoshop and InDesign more than Illustrator, but I do like it and it’s similar to using InDesign. I actually just designed the cover of my novel. It was fun! But I kept it simple because I wanted the photo to really speak.

      • Oh yeah, Photoshop was what originally made me interested in graphics in the first place! Illustrator is great, and extremely powerful and a lot better than photoshop for line art and that sort of thing. I love coloring in photoshop though, and I still know it a lot better! I’ve never done InDesign but we’re supposed to at the end of the semester so I’m looking forward to it!

      • InDesign is by far my favorite. Photoshop is probably second. You can do so much with InDesign too. It’s more for literally, design and less for drawing which I think is why I like it. I’m less of a drawer, although I can draw and more of a designer with photos etc. Can’t wait to see what you learn with InDesign!

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