Be Your Own Hero: Inspiration

Be Your Own Hero: Inspiration

I found this on one of my favorite graphic design/illustrator/photoshop websites “abduzzedo” which presents many different digital artworks for artists and designers to use as inspiration.

I really like this particular piece because it’s very catchy, yet simple and easy to comprehend. It appears the designer used some sort of concrete or splatter paint texture in the background, then dimmed it or put a light wash over it to make it a little more subtle. It then seems they created text and altered it so that it expanded out past the borders of the button, and the light red ring around it.

It demonstrates design elements really well. It shows a nice use of balance and pulls the viewers eye around the design. Although the main text and subject of the work is in the center, the lines that extend from the font directs the viewers attention outwards so that the entire design is contemplated, rather than just the text in the center. The texture is great and gives the work an urban, city feel, and the colors are just muted and contrasted enough to where they catch your eye but don’t seem over bearing.


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